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Let the Music Move You…

Nothing epic to report about the weekend...but sometimes that's ok and much's Tax Free Weekend here so I will be avoiding retail at all costs! This should be good for my budget and sanity! Weekend Themes Include: A long... Continue Reading →


Rejection Hotline

So on the one year anniversary of my acceptance into the Inaugural Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, DC…I have finally decided to write about the weekend and the race….Primarily because I was brought back to the memories of this race... Continue Reading →

Tough Mudder

In the interest of catching up over the's time to talk about Tough Mudder.... We went as a team of 16 to Poplar Bluff, MO back in October to complete our first Tough Mudder experience...there were highs and lows... Continue Reading →

Constant Struggle!

BATTLING MUSCLE SORENESS... Keeping sore muscles under control is a constant battle for me when I am working my way through brick workouts or particularly long back to back cardio sessions...a proven cocktail for extreme muscle soreness is throwing something... Continue Reading →

Feeling sleepy on a Friday afternoon? Here are some natural ways to perk up!

Positive Beauty

Did you know that the #1 addiction in the world is caffeine?  Well it should be money, but what do I know.  Like everything, it’s good to take things in moderation.  Caffeine is great for jogging your memory, body detoxification, boosting your energy, easing depression, and increasing your stamina.  Too much and you’ve got restlessness, irritability, anxiety, and high blood pressure.  Pretty much sums me up without caffeine.  However, there are natural ingredients out there that has the same effect as caffeine so you don’t have to pick up that extra glass of coffee.

1.  Ashwagandha – Ash-wa-what?  This is an ingredient that means “essence of a horse”.  It’s a powerful adaptogen, which has the ability to provide stamina and energy when you need it or rejuvenate and calm the system and balance hormones when you also need it.

2.  Chá de bugreit’s a tree!  Offers great…

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Music Makes You Lose Control

RUNNING ESSENTIALS: AN AWESOME PLAYLIST If you're anything like me, being without your earbuds or iPod is pretty much a deal breaker when it comes to motivation for a work out...occasionally I can make through a mile or two of... Continue Reading →

Facing Fears and Earning Swag

RUNNING ESSENTIALS: SET A GOAL When starting any new health or fitness routine it helps to set real, tangible, trackable goals to help you stay motivated and on a schedule. I am ruled by the need to have something exciting... Continue Reading →

A Run To The Mailbox…

RUNNING ESSENTIALS: BUILDING YOUR BASE So now that we have covered the importance of properly fitting shoes and good form we can move onto building your base through intervals...getting a simple test...regardless of speed, how long can you run... Continue Reading →

Your Birthday…Like Whoa!

So yesterday, my dear friend Kelly had a birthday... Kelly is one of my many friends that is a much better distance runner than I am, however we share a love of the same hobbies and interests in food, fitness,... Continue Reading →

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