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A Run To The Mailbox…

RUNNING ESSENTIALS: BUILDING YOUR BASE So now that we have covered the importance of properly fitting shoes and good form we can move onto building your base through intervals...getting a simple test...regardless of speed, how long can you run... Continue Reading →


Good Form Running—Picking Up Speed

This is a blog I follow and while she's talking specifically about Newton running shoes, the concepts are the same as the 'Running Essentials, Cadence' post on Everydayactive from Tuesday...point of clarity, 90BPM is one full stride, 180BPM is every... Continue Reading →

Running Essentials 101

I have been inspired by a friend to write about Running Essentials for Beginners...only because over time I have acquired some information that I really could have used from the start of my relationship with running. Now don't get me... Continue Reading →

So You Think You Want to RUN???

I often think I want to run as well...I am pretty much an expert when it comes to starting a new running program because I stop and re-start them all the time! Since I am still post-op and can't work... Continue Reading →

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