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A Moment of Greatness…

A Moment of Greatness...and my thoughts about Boston....just a little road mapping for you. Let's begin at the beginning...shall we? Since I was given the opportunity to challenge myself physically, mentally and spiritually through a failed relationship with mono, I... Continue Reading →


It’s Always a Good Time…

Well....I have procrastinated for so long about catching up on my blog that now the task seems daunting...however seeing as how we are experiencing nothing short of apocalyptic weather here in Arkansas, I am taking this opportunity to provide the... Continue Reading →

Tough Mudder

In the interest of catching up over the's time to talk about Tough Mudder.... We went as a team of 16 to Poplar Bluff, MO back in October to complete our first Tough Mudder experience...there were highs and lows... Continue Reading →

Off The Wagon

Well, I did it...I fell off the wagon...and it wasn't a graceful fall either.  I fell off the diet wagon, landed on my back and laid there like a flipped turtle for ummm, let's entire week.  I still got... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update II

So this was an interesting weekend and a little more restful than the last...which was definitely much needed! FRIDAY NIGHT: I got a late start on my long run and had legs that were far from fresh, sometimes its a win... Continue Reading →

Facing Fears and Earning Swag

RUNNING ESSENTIALS: SET A GOAL When starting any new health or fitness routine it helps to set real, tangible, trackable goals to help you stay motivated and on a schedule. I am ruled by the need to have something exciting... Continue Reading →

A Run To The Mailbox…

RUNNING ESSENTIALS: BUILDING YOUR BASE So now that we have covered the importance of properly fitting shoes and good form we can move onto building your base through intervals...getting a simple test...regardless of speed, how long can you run... Continue Reading →

Running Essentials 101

I have been inspired by a friend to write about Running Essentials for Beginners...only because over time I have acquired some information that I really could have used from the start of my relationship with running. Now don't get me... Continue Reading →

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