Lunch Break Blogging...that’s what I’m calling this series of mini-posts…it’s also an exercise in efficiency since my mind is blown by the time I get home from the gym every night…the incoherent post-workout/work day thoughts running through my mind pretty much consist of incomplete sentences like….dog hungry…brynn hungry…laundry dirty…dishes dirty…repack gym bag…fall in bed…brushed teeth???…who cares…sleep now! None of these mutterings are blog worthy to say the least…

For some reason I feel like I have to blog events or ideas in chronological order…is this normal? Do any of you other bloggers worry about this or are you just more organized than me?

While still on the mend from my tragically failed relationship with mono…and the stomach flu…I got to see some sights, while still on probation from the gym.  I had to take a minimum three week break from the gym due to the possible stress that mono can put on the spleen. This is one week longer than my post-appendectomy plan and long enough to make me feel and act like big blob of gelatinous goo.  My first trip to the Pacific Northwest was a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy few weeks…

Pike Place Market = Foodie Nirvana
Pike Place Market = Foodie Nirvana

I finally got to visit the highly acclaimed Pike Place Market where Farm to Table dining originated from some of the best available ingredients in the country. I was also treated to a mecca of foodie terms that are rarely heard here in the south….like….

Responsibly Raised



Locally Sourced

All Natural

Earth Friendly

Farm Fresh

Grass Fed

Hand Picked

Chemical Free 

and so on….

Food Porn
Food Porn
Bruce Monkfish-A menacing grin
Bruce Monkfish-A menacing grin

My time in the market was short and I spent the entire time wishing for a way to ship fresh produce across the country and back to my kitchen. It’s times like these that I am reminded that food, ingredients, and flavors are truly a passion…and also why I live to eat….

Tulips & Cabbage
Tulips & Cabbage

Beautiful hand pick bouquets were everywhere and shockingly inexpensive, prices ranging from $5-8. Farm stand workers were friendly, comical and used to entertaining a crown, there was no haggling…just good products that they actually wanted to share.


The market did not disappoint and Seattle is definitely on the list of places to REVISIT!

It’s not uncommon to return from a trip to a (few) box(s) on my desk and this little gem was waiting for me when I got back from a long flight across the country…


Not only is my favorite Memphis Chef Kelly English (Restaurant Iris) featured in this gluttonously indulgent expose’ on southern cooking but there are over 100 recipes that represents elevated comfort food at it’s VERY best! I highly recommend it! A little early valentines for me…one of them anyway…

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

I spent the day of love with some ladies who have been pretty dang influential in my life and I could’t think of a better way to commemorate another year of loving life, loving friends, loving God and loving the journey than with the some of the people who have taught me how to do it.

So a short and sweet post…that’s how we get current! Lunch break blogging…see you tomorrow!

What do you LOVE about Mondays?

I love the fact that you don’t HAVE to HATE them like everyone else does…positivity is contagious!