It’s been a while!!!!  

I haven’t felt particularly inspired to write lately…waiting for a moment of clarity to reveal some life lesson or truth to expound upon…and I kept waiting…and waiting…  Only to realize that everyday is not an epiphany of inspiration, that this thing we do, racing, working out, setting goals, eating right (most of the time), and challenging ourselves it NOT always exciting…but it is challenging.  Sometimes this process is monotonous, mundane and even boring…but the reward is to be able to set a course for yourself and have the determination to see it through to the finish.  The life lessons of perseverance and persistence are not easily learned but are priceless character traits and have greater implications beyond the next triathlon or half-marathon.

In the meantime I have seen some sights and had some fun….work brought me to this beautiful place…

Uncasville, CT-Perfect Weather, Gorgeous Scenery

And unfortunately this was as close as I got to the lake, with 16hour work days my running shoes stayed in my suitcase…however the East Coast Time Zone made watching the sunrise much more agreeable to my general distaste for early mornings and there were some glorious views to behold.  We stayed in a beautiful establishment and I was tempted by all sorts of treats from Todd English to Bobby Flay…even a Dylan’s Candy Bar…

Wheel of Happiness

and while Dylan’s was a small escape into my willy-wonka-esque cravings for childish treats…I did not imbibe….as the price for these pedestrian quality items was astronomical…but fun and super trendy nonetheless.

Good Ship Lollipop

We were surrounded by niceties and glass art seems to get me every time, whether it’s a Chihuly blown ceiling in Vegas or an illuminated glass tower in Connecticut…always a treat!

A play on the elements…Fire & Water

Upon returning home I was quickly feeling the press of my FIRST half marathon coming up in just 10 days…slightly behind on my running schedule since this trip afforded many glorious sights and sounds but no time to get in a long run.  I also learned from my own travel mistake of allowing myself to become dehydrated whilst on the move, compounded with pressurized airplane cabins and dry air…it took a full 36 hours to get back to normal once I got home.  Lesson learned… from now on I will be the annoying one on the plane that is guzzling water and making pit stops.

Just Do It!

Saturday was my longest outdoor (or indoor) run yet, at almost 12 miles…believe me…I wanted a medal and a cupcake when I got done…but I am confident that I will be able to finish my first half since I ran with girls who are much more experienced than I am, let me tell you…it…wasn’t…easy, but I did it.  We ran only slightly under my goal race pace and I am hoping this will translate into a finish time of around 2.30… Since the fair is in town…we celebrated this run with a much deserved funnel cake…and while I may not beat these girls in a race any time soon…I can kick their butts at funnel cake inhalation!!!!  This round goes to me, hands down!

Fast Runners-0…at least I win at something!!!

So here we go, only four days until the race and a trip to Indianapolis in between…I’ll let you know how my hydration and travel recovery plan work out…have a great week and remember to live life…everyday…even if it doesn’t seem extraordinary…be thankful and know that you are working for extraordinary goals!