Well, I did it…I fell off the wagon…and it wasn’t a graceful fall either.  I fell off the diet wagon, landed on my back and laid there like a flipped turtle for ummm, let’s see…an entire week.  I still got in a few workouts so there was no actual weight gain, but my nutrition (or lack there of) was ridiculous, there’s no excuse other than a short term case of burn out.  After racing back to back weekends I had over scheduled, over worked and over stressed my mind and body to the point that my discipline and will simply went on vacation without me…

Me: Last Week

But the good news is that after surviving my first weekend on my new mountain bike, which was nothing short of miraculous since I felt like I was riding a trampoline on wheels (apparently I have a thing or two to learn about tire pressure). I am unscathed with the exception of the lasting impression left by my bike seat (seriously, painful) and a little poison ivy.  I did observe some GENUINE wildlife in it’s native habitat, a deer, a really big snake and even a few turkeys on the way home… Queen of the Outdoors? I think not, survived it with no permanent injuries or scars…sure!  Again, sorry for the lack of pictures, this was a physical impossibility on the back of my mobile bounce house/mountain bike.

As it turns out, the cure for temporary burn out and the ‘blahs’ is a quick and decisive punch to the heart that reminded me why I do all this silliness in the first place…sometimes we get lost in the everyday planning, drudgery and effort of training, dieting and preparing for the next event.  I like to pack my schedule as tightly as possible to the point of utter exhaustion, then it seems I like to watch my plans spiral out of control as I ‘fall off the wagon,’ and while it’s not a game changer or a deal breaker, it could be less dramatic. It’s ok to take a break, a breather, a moment to reflect…as long as you dust yourself off, get back up and keep making progress.  Clearly I need to work on finding balance in my everyday schedule, so that neither my training schedule nor my ‘fall off’ schedule is so extreme.

A few lessons from the week.

1. I can never stop logging my food intake, EVER again…MyFitnessPal is a fantastic smart phone app that allows me to easily log everything that I consume throughout the day…overkill you say? Maybe, but you don’t know what I ate last week!

2. I can never forget why I race, train or maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness…ultimately I am fighting a battle for my health, my vitality and to retain my choices in life…it’s more important than just today and it’s more important than the next race.

3. I can never forget how much stress relief I get from one long hard RUN, meditation on the move…last night I ran a 7miler averaging a 10min mile pace…and that’s pushing for this big booty! It felt great!

4. It only takes one really good workout to get me back on track, because when I have worked really hard in the gym I don’t want to waste it on the refrigerator.

5. I can never forget, I am enough…alone and as an individual I have been created lacking nothing but grace and grace I have been given freely, grace I will freely give.

Finally 6. Racing, events and obstacles are all opportunities to face my fears, to be scared to death and finish anyway, it’s a metaphor for life and a metaphor for trusting the hands that hold my days.

“For God has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a STRONG MIND.” 2Tim1:7

The journey is the lesson, the journey is the love, the hurt, the growth and the fun…the Race is only a fraction of what you have endured to get there…

Happy Tuesday and Here’s to Glueing your Butt to the Wagon Seat!