After a busy weekend its finally time to look back and think over the process…some things I did well..others not so well…

Friday Night: was pretty typical for me, after a week of working and long workouts I succumb to exhaustion and spent the evening at home, because I am that cool.

Saturday Morning: Up early to attend a Chi Running Clinic from 8am-Noon, I was at a dangerous intersection in my running program and I believe it is going to help me improve my running significantly…more about Chi Running later.

Saturday Afternoon: Jump in the car with Kelly and hit the road to Little Rock for the Riverside Duathlon.

Saturday Night: Meet up with some old friends in Little Rock and have fantastic Brazilian food at Cafe Bossa Nova in the Heights, sorry for the lack of photos I was too distracted by good friends, hilarity and CARBS!!!

Sunday Morning: UP EARLY!!!! Head out to the beautiful Burns Park in Little Rock and run through the usual pre-race routine, pin numbers, visit ladies room, get marked, hydrate, visit ladies room, air up bike tires, set up transition area, visit ladies room…you get the idea. The race consists of a 2.5 mile run, 11 mile bike, followed by another 2.5 mile run…the first run for these awesome new kicks…

Brooks Cadence: Will Run For Shoes

First run went pretty well considering I was coming into the transition area as my fast friend Kelly was exiting, which means I was going fast :).  Got to my bike and heat was already radiating from my head from the humidity, (training note…bring small bottles of regular water to pour on head to future races, all my water had supplements in it)…Bike shoes and helmet on, un-racked my bike only to realize that my front tire was completely flat. I proceed to walk to the transition area exit to ask for support…which they didn’t have.  However there was a very nice volunteer who started pulling my tire off as I ran to my car (losing lots of time) to get my pump (training note…learn to change my own bike tires…). Superman/Volunteer has my tire changed by the time I get back and he proceeds to air up my tire while I put my gear back on…things are looking up and then POW! What sounded like a gunshot was actually the sound of my replacement tube exploding under pressure, I jumped and screamed like a little girl in front of A LOT of people (training note…I race to stay humble…as if that was a problem…hahahaha). I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the situation, as I checked in for the race the night before, I really thought #777 would be lucky…turns out there are no lucky numbers only good training and proper bike maintenance!

Thumbs Down #777

In lieu of just giving up I decided to wait in the transition area for Kelly and run the second leg with her, besides…the look on her face during the 1.5 seconds while she thought I had somehow gotten ahead of her was PRICELESS…and RARE. You see, she is the fast runner and I am a better cyclist, so I seriously lost my only chance to catch up to her.

The Fast One

She still beat me coming back in, but not by much and she runs considerably faster than this slow mover…so all in all I decided that the universe had chosen for me to have an aggressive long run to train and a race t-shirt as a reward…its not often you get a prize for finishing your long run.  The glass is half full people, half full!  Not to mention I had a fantastic time with friends carb loading, ran on a beautiful course and ate this afterward…

Crab & Provolone Omelet with Croissant, Not Pictures: Fluffy Heavenly Chocolate Chip Pancake

After brunch we went to Whole Foods and managed to spend lots of $ on random items we can’t get here in our hometown and made the 2.5 hours trip home talking about Ragnar Race Planning.

Sunday Night: Turned out to be very productive…I have learned that the more I can get organized and planned on a Sunday Night, the better my entire week flows.  After a nap, some housekeeping, laundry and time with this girl…


I proceeded to cook my lunches and prepare breakfasts and snacks for the week….on the menu this week…

Chicken & Vegetable Quinoa with Grilled Leeks

As well as Grapes, Cherries, Apples and Honeydew prepared for early mornings and snacking through out the week. I haven’t been cooking with Quinoa long and the recipes are evolving quickly…this one is REALLY good…better than the last that had Eggplant and Turkey Sausage.

This week is packed with work, spin classes, running schedule, cross training, pool swims and a few appointments to spare…BUT a few hours of work last night will make all of that much easier to handle.  Hope your weekend was great and I hope your week challenges you to grow!