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If you’re anything like me, being without your earbuds or iPod is pretty much a deal breaker when it comes to motivation for a work out…occasionally I can make through a mile or two of speed work without music…but I certainly don’t do it happily!  To me, an incredibly awesome, inspirational, motivational and sometimes cheesy playlist is absolutely essential to any good run or workout! I have added a page to this blog where I will continually update you with my latest music favs at Funky Fresh Playlists. I am always on the prowl to find good music for running and spin classes.  Believe me, my spinners keep me on my toes when it comes to an ever evolving playlist!

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On any given day, by they end of any difficult workout, I can be found dancing ridiculously to my earbuds or spin playlist…to the amusement of fellow gym members or spinners to be sure! But you know what? Who cares! Exercise is about endorphin release, stress release and pride release…if it doesn’t do all those things for you then you need to hit the attitude ‘reset’ button! In my mind I look pretty cool with my treadmill/spin bike dancing…but in reality I’m sure I look more like…

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But if it gets me through my next long run or hill climb…then you know what…IMA KEEP ON DANCIN!!!!!

I encourage you to do the same! Find some music that inspires you and crank it! Get out there this week and have fun, connect with yourself and friends…appreciate your space!

FUNKY FRESH PLAYLIST…check in often for new additions and suggest your own!