I often think I want to run as well…I am pretty much an expert when it comes to starting a new running program because I stop and re-start them all the time! Since I am still post-op and can’t work out, of course that’s exactly what I want to do.  One of the greatest advantages about running as a hobby is it’s relatively inexpensive compared to say ummmm…..cycling! or triathlon! or many of the other activities I like to participate in! However there is one absolutely imperative expense if you want to start a new running program….you need to drop around $120 and get fitted in a pair of shoes.

Yes, you can tough it out and run in anything from flip flops to your old cheer shoes but trust me…once you are properly fitted your feet, joints and muscles will thank you…and ME 😉  When I started running the for the first time my junior year of college I wanted to look cool, of course, so naturally I was running in the latest pair of Nike Shocks…BUT my mileage didn’t get very high before my ankles and shins started feeling the pain…I got fitted in my first pair of Brooks Adrenaline running shoes that year and have worn them ever since…I won’t tell you how long ago that was…but I’m a Brooks girl all the way.  I went from limping out of bed the morning after a run to walking on marshmallow clouds of happiness and ankle support!!!  We have a great locally owned running store in Jonesboro, Gearhead Outfitters…but there’s a place in almost very city that can diagnose your particular pronation issues and fit for your stride….Fleet Feet is a fantastic chain that specialized in custom shoe fitting as well.

I promise you’ll wonder why you waited so long!